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Chemical Plant in Houston Explodes

No serious injuries, thank God:

Multiple explosions rocked a southwest Houston chemical plant tonight, sending flames 150 feet into the early-evening sky. The initial blast was heard as far as 20 miles away, and could be felt in Pearland.

Houston firefighters spent hours battling the intense three-alarm fire at Marcus Oil and Chemical plant in the 14500 block of Minetta near Fondren and Main. No serious injuries were reported.

The blaze was under control by 9 p.m., District Fire Chief Tommy Dowdy said. “I have no knowledge of what triggered it,” Dowdy said. “We don’t believe it is suspicious.”

The plant produced polyethylene wax with high melting points for use in paints, asphalts, printing inks, and high gloss fruit coatings.

Fruit coatings? Eww.

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