Christmas: A No-Christ Zone

Macy’s has removed “Christmas” from its annual holiday parade. And now Denver is banning a Christian group from its annual Parade of Lights:

The parade, slated for tomorrow and Saturday nights, is produced by Denver Civic Ventures, Inc., with heavy promotion by its flagship sponsor, KUSA-TV, the local NBC affiliate.

The hour-long event features highly decorated floats with symbols of the holiday season such as Santa Claus, gingerbread houses and toy soldiers, along with what’s billed as an “international procession to celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of the region,” according to its website.

Among those allowed to participate is the Two Spirit Society of Denver, a support group for American Indians who are homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered, honoring them as “holy people.” Also included are performers of the Lion Dance, a Chinese New Year tradition “meant to chase away evil spirits and welcome good luck and good fortune for the year,” reports the Rocky Mountain News.

Despite the inclusion of these groups with spiritual connotations, parade spokesman Michael Krikorian said the event does not allow “direct religious themes.” Included in the ban are signs that read “Merry Christmas” and the singing or playing of Christmas hymns.

“We want to avoid that specific religious message out of respect for other religions in the region,” Krikorian told the News. “It could be construed as disrespectful to other people who enjoy a parade each year.”

We “celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity”, except for the culture of those who founded the nation on the belief that all men were created equal–by the God whose name we dare not mention.

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