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An Interesting Take

December 31, 2004

Leave it to to focus on the one issue that matters: Iraqi Rebels Say They’re Fighting To Prevent Gay Marriageby Newscenter Staff (Baghdad) Three Iraqi rebel groups, including the one claiming responsibility for

Christian Perspective on the Tsunami

December 31, 2004

How can a loving God allow something that kills so many innocent people? David at A Physicist‘s Perspective has written a thoughtful piece to address that difficult question: There are two errors the Bible teaches

Stupid Marketing

December 31, 2004

What‘s up with Napster? Their new TV ad features a badly dressed, rude, unshaven guy with greasy hair who looks like he hasn’t slept in three days. And he is the guy we‘re supposed to

More Reasons to Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research

December 30, 2004

In addition to the moral argument against the use of somatic-cell nuclear transfer for the creation of a child (“reproductive cloning”), there are overwhelming scientific reasons to oppose this practice. So writes Dr. Rudolf Jaenisch

Apple’s Evil Plan

December 30, 2004

Would you believe–a $499 G4 iMac? The new Mac, code-named Q88, will be part of the iMac family and is expected to sport a PowerPC G4 processor at a speed around 1.25GHz. The new Mac

85% of the Universe is Missing

December 29, 2004

Credit to Vox Day for spotting this in the Tuesday Morning Quarterback‘s column: Evidence suggests that about 85 percent of the universe is “dark matter” and “dark energy” that defy detection. The galaxies move as

Before You Invest in that Oceanside Property

December 28, 2004

Consider that the tragedy which struck the nations around the Bay of Bengal this weekend could happen in the US: Researchers have discovered that a chunk of volcano in the Canary Islands the size of

The Day the Earth Moved

December 28, 2004

The death toll is up to 44,000, and some estimate it may be double that before long. “That earthquake has changed the map,” US Geological Survey expert Ken Hudnut told AFP. “Based on seismic modeling,

Slip of the Tongue?

December 28, 2004

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Friday in Mosul, Iraq: “I think all of us have a sense if we imagine the kind of world we would face if the people who bombed the mess hall in

ET, Phone 9-1-1

December 28, 2004

Comes word today that remote viewing monks in Tibet have foreseen the salvation of mankind by extraterrestrials sometime in the year 2012. The monks see these friendly ETs stepping in to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

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