When the UN Comes to Town

Arthur Chrenkoff translates an article from a publication in his native Poland which documents the “success” of the UN peacekeeping mission in Kosovo:

“In the five years following the air campaign which ended the persecution of Kosovo’s Albanians, only one thing has changed in the province: now, it’s the Albanians who persecute the Serbs. Serbian schools and hospitals are frequent targets of attacks. In five years, and under the watchful eye of international peacekeeping forces, over 120 Orthodox places of worship and monasteries were burned down…

“Torn from under the Serbian rule, Kosovo is now formally administered by a several thousand-strong contingent of United Nations officials and 20 thousand soldiers of the international peacekeeping force. To cater to their needs, in the capital Pristina, over 200 brothels have sprung up right under the noses of international police and UN administrators. Women from all over the Balkans, as well as Romania, Ukraine, and Moldavia are marshaled into the brothels.

It seems, according to the author, that the Kosovar economy is now booming–because the Albanians there, under UN protection, have formed one of the biggest crime syndicates in Europe. Scotland Yard estimates that some 75% of the brothels in the U.K. are now controlled by the Albanian mob.

This isn’t too different from what’s been witnessed on the UN’s watch in other trouble spots all over the world, from Cambodia to Somalia. When the blue helmets comes to town, lawlessness, usually manifested in prostitution and drug running, follows close behind.

Why are we still a party to this?

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