Liberals For Bush

No, really, there is one. Christopher Hitchens is an atheist, but he knows who butters his bread:

Secularism is not just a smug attitude. It is a possible way of democratic and pluralistic life that only became thinkable after several wars and revolutions had ruthlessly smashed the hold of the clergy on the state. We are now in the middle of another such war and revolution, and the liberals have gone AWOL.

And, I would add, that the most significant of those revolutions was based on and justified by principles drawn by John Locke and others from the Bible.

Hitchens correctly identifies the War on Terror as a war against a violent religion that evangelizes through conquest. Unlike some atheist friends of mine, he recognizes that the greater threat to his liberty is radical Islam, not Bible-believing Americans.

Now to work on his mistaken notion that death is the end of everything. Hitchens is brilliant, but sadly mistaken on the most important issue of his life. What a force for change he would be if he put his mind to work for God.

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