New Worm Exploits IE Security Hole

Surprise, surprise:

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A new computer worm emerged on Tuesday which broke the speed record from the announcement of a security vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to a full-blown virus that spreads in the wild.

The vulnerability was discovered and made public by two hackers with aliases ‘ned’ and ‘SkyLined’ on Friday, and only four days later a worm exploiting the weakness was developed and set loose, several virus-trackers reported.

Microsoft said the worm is a variant of MyDoom and that it was investigating the threat the worm poses.

Some anti-virus companies said the new worm was different from MyDoom because it spreads via weblinks and not e-mail attachments. (Emphasis added)

I’ve asked before: With the excellent and free Mozilla Firefox browser available, why does anyone still use Internet Explorer?

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