Why Liberals Can’t Figure Us Out

Via Vox Day, Jonah Goldberg hits that nail square:

What has offended the Left since Marx, and American liberalism since Dewey, is the notion that moral authority should be derived from anyplace other than the state or “the people” (conveniently defined as citizens who vote liberal). Voting on values not sanctified by secular priests is how they define “ignorance.” This was the real goal of Hillary Clinton’s “politics of meaning” — to replace traditional religion with a secular one that derived its authority not from ancient texts and “superstitions” but from the good intentions of an activist state and its anointed priests. Shortly before the election, Howell Raines fretted that the worst outcome of a Bush victory would be the resurgence of “theologically based cultural norms” — without even acknowledging the fact that “theologically based cultural norms” gave us everything from the printing press and the newspaper to the First Amendment he claims to be such a defender of.

To the liberal thinker, any worldview that builds its foundation on faith in a transcendant God is utterly irrational. That’s why they can’t believe anyone actually lives that way, and why they feel justified in saying so in such condescending terms.

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