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Maybe Kim Jong Il Isn’t as Crazy as We Thought

Seems as recently as the Clinton administration, we had a plan to nuke North Korea:

Seoul, South Korea, Nov. 7 (UPI) — Newly declassified documents revealed the United States planned as recently as 1998 to drop nuclear bombs on North Korea if the country attacked South Korea.

As part of ‘scenario 5027,’ 24 F15-E bombers flew simulation missions at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina to drop mock nuclear bombs on a firing range between January and June 1998, the Korea Times reported Sunday.

The revelation followed claims by a South Korean lawmaker that the U.S. drew up plans to launch preemptive strikes on key targets in North Korea in 1994.

The report also came amid concerns that President George Bush will take a tougher stance with North Korea during his second term.

The declassified documents also said the U.S. had kept nuclear weaponry in South Korea until at least 1998, despite officially claiming it had withdrawn all nuclear warheads in 1991.

What? The American government issue an untrue “official” statement? Shock! Surprise!

Kim Jong Il is still a megalomaniac, but maybe his seemingly suicidal drive to develop nuclear weapons is a little more understandable.

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