In the Netherlands, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is Racist

Apparently the Dutch don’t quite understand what they’re dealing with yet. Live From Brussels reports that even after the murder of journalist Theo Van Gogh, you’re not allowed to say anything that might offend a Muslim:

In the Netherlands, artist Chris Ripke reacted to the murder on Theo Van Gogh by an islamic fundamentalist by painting a mural with the text ‘Gij zult niet doden’ (‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’), one of the ten commandments of the Christian religion.

But because the head of the nearby mosque complained to the police that this was ‘offensive’ and ‘racist’, the cops came and sent in city workers to sandblast the mural. A local journalist, Wim Nottroth, who wanted to protest against this by standing in front of the mural was arrested.

I don’t think this attitude of extreme tolerance is going to last long. There are rumblings in the Dutch government about a serious crackdown on Islamic terrorists, including proposed legislation to grant the police broad new powers. An angry mob has burned a mosque–and this in reaction to one murder.

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