Netscape Slams the President

Some nitwit at Netscape, a division of AOL Time Warner, expressed his political views in the way he named graphic files that accompanied a news item about the election:

A photograph of President and Mrs. Bush featured in online election coverage by AOL Time Warner companies uses a graphic slur in the coding of the picture.

The photo, which appeared on a Netscape site co-branded with CNN, originally was slugged a–hole.jpg as identified when viewers clicked on the “properties” of the picture. Though the original Web address of the photo with the slur has been disabled, readers last night could actually see the photo isolated with the slur by going to the online address.

The name of the photo has now been changed, with georgelaura135.jpg replacing a–hole.jpg. [Note: The two dashes were not present in the original; rather, the slur was spelled out. WND’s editorial standards include the use of dashes to veil profanity and obscenity.]

The aforementioned nitwit has been fired, and rightly so.

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