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The Countdown Begins

Let’s face it. We’ll get about a fifteen-minute break before the campaign begins for “You Decide 2008!” Hillary, who is the happiest person in America next to George W. Bush, will announce her candidacy before the next World Series.

It looks like a pretty good showing for the Republican Party. President Bush won the Electoral College and the popular vote this time, which may not matter to bitter Democrats. I listened to a local call-in talk show on the drive home this afternoon, and there are a lot of people, even here in Red State Missouri, who are convinced that everyone who voted for George W. Bush is ignorant, racist, or a homophobe, and probably all three.

Well, that’s to be expected.

Most Democrats still don’t get it. Not all conservatives are “single issue voters”. Many of us just acknowledge the supremacy of God and take His Word seriously. And I haven’t figured out how to rationalize abortion or homosexual marriage. You see, God has some pretty clear thoughts on those issues.

Until Democrats figure out that many Christians really do vote according to their understanding of God’s will–that is, God’s will as recorded in the Bible–the party is going to continue to lose ground in the heartland. If the DNC wants to try to win by representing the fringes–the East and West coasts, gays, and radical feminists–then I say let ’em. As the population ages and Gen X-ers grow in wisdom, Democrats will find themselves fighting to stay ahead of the Libertarians and the Constitution Party.

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