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The Series is Over, But Cubs’ Whining Lingers On

Sammy Sosa wants it known that he was mistreated by the Cubs this year:

“I’m not a sixth batter,” Sosa told Hoy newspaper in Santo Domingo on Saturday upon returning to his native Dominican Republic. “I’m a cleanup hitter or third because I’ve earned that right with almost 600 career home runs.”

Right. But this year Sosa hit .253, and just .227 from August through October. Sosa was less of a threat to opposing pitchers this season than Aramis Ramirez, Moises Alou, or Derrek Lee.

With the leadoff and number 2 spots in the batting order reserved for guys who can get on base and run a little bit–Walker/Grudzielanek and Garciaparra/Perez–and 3-4-5 going to the guys who actually hit, number 6 was as high a spot as Sosa deserved.

Even then, Dusty Baker waited until Sosa asked to be dropped in the order to move Sammy out of the cleanup slot. But now Sammy lays it all on Dusty.


Trade him. Trade him to the Mets or anyone who’ll take him. After the way the Cubs folded at the end of the year, and then capped it off by caving in to whiny players and losing Steve Stone, the best TV analyst in baseball, it’s going to take a lot to get me to care about next year. But GM Jim Hendry can start by getting rid of the crybabies.

Sosa? Gone. Alou? Gone. Mercker? Gone.

Start with that, and then we’ll see.

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