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Preparing to Vote

I have to admit that I’m surprised. The latest polls show Bush and Kerry in a dead heat. I really thought we’d be looking at a Bush landslide tomorrow. John Kerry is such a weak candidate that I’m amazed he’s within shouting distance of the president.

Well, it may still be a landslide. I don’t know how the undecideds will eventually vote, my gut tells me that conservatives will be more likely to act on their alarm at a potential Kerry presidency than will liberals who loathe the president–especially if it’s raining.

Prejudiced analysis? Yeah, probably. But I remember what I was like when I was young and liberal–not nearly as likely to stand in line as I am now. Time moves more quickly when you’re older. That’s our secret weapon, kiddies. (Insert evil laugh here.)

Am I wrong? We’ll see. The news networks gotta be loving this.

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