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Let’s Be Careful Out There

November 30, 2004

USA Today ran an article yesterday that shows how important it is to practice safe web: [A]n unprotected PC can get hijacked within minutes of accessing the Internet. Once hijacked, it is likely to get

God Wants to Make Me Rich!

November 30, 2004

And nobody ever told me! I discovered this marvelous bit of theology by accident at Sam’s Club the other day, when I flipped through a copy of Joel Osteen’s latest self-help book, Your Best Life

Another Win For Non-Embryonic Stem Cells

November 30, 2004

This is the type of cure Ron Reagan promised in his speech at the Democratic convention, if only we’d vote for John Kerry so he could legalize human cloning: A woman who has been paralysed

Career Milestone For Eminem

November 29, 2004

He’s been named an honorary priest by a UFO cult: Besides taking the top chart position this week for his album, Encore, Eminem is getting another top position as an ‘honorary priest’ of the Raelian

Simply Wrong

November 29, 2004

I’m listening to the swing jazz station in St. Louis, which has been playing nothing but Christmas music since last Wednesday. Just heard a very jazzed up rendition of “Angels We Have Heard On High”.

Put a Red Light on the UN

November 29, 2004

News of U.N. crimes in Congo is finally getting out: UNITED NATIONS – Linked in the past to sex crimes in East Timor, and prostitution in Cambodia and Kosovo, U.N. peacekeepers have now been accused

Alexander the Average-At-Best

November 25, 2004

Oliver Stone has apparently fallen into the same class of director as Quentin Tarentino and Tim Burton, as far as I’m concerned: Too filled with belief in his own artistry to bother with the basics

Cord Blood Works Against Leukemia

November 25, 2004

Chalk up another win for non-embryonic stem cells: Umbilical-cord blood, now used mostly to treat children with leukemia, could save thousands of adults with the disease each year who cannot find bone marrow donors, two

Give Thanks

November 25, 2004

As we sit around today, snacking and watching a series of UFO shows on the History Channel, I’m thankful that the Lord found it in His plan to pair me up with a woman who

Iran Wants to Unfreeze

November 24, 2004

Surprise, surprise: VIENNA, Austria (AP) – Iran is demanding that it be allowed to make an exception in its commitment to freeze all uranium enrichment activities so it can operate about about two dozen centrifuges,

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