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Okay, So Maybe it Wasn’t About Iraq

The Spanish apparently haven’t rolled over far enough:

MADRID – Spanish police have arrested 13 more suspected Islamic extremists in connection with an alleged plot to bomb the country’s national court.

Eight of the new arrests were made late Thursday in Madrid, Cadiz and Valencia while five suspects were already in custody.

They bring to 30 the number of arrests in connection with the alleged plot.

National Court Judge Baltasar Garzon imprisoned 17 suspects – ten of them already in prison for other crimes – last week on suspicion of being members of a group called Martyrs for Morocco.

“These [new] arrests are the result of all the documentation seized from the detainees last week and all the information gathered by the judge during their interrogations,” a police source said.

The terrorists are said to have planned to detonate a lorry loaded with 500 kg of explosives near the Audiencia Nacional, Spain’s national criminal court where all terrorist cases are heard.

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