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It Was Better in the Original Klingon

Zounds! At Shakespeare’s own Globe Theatre, a scholar will argue that the bard would have made a great Muslim:

?Shakespeare would have delighted in Sufism,? said the Islamic scholar Martin Lings, himself a Sufi Muslim who also goes by the name Abu Bakr Siraj ad-Din. ?We can see he obviously knew a lot about some kind of equivalent sect or order.?

According to The Guardian, Lings will argue that Shakespeare?s ?work resembles the teachings of the Islamic Sufi sect? in the International Shakespeare Globe Fellowship Lecture at Shakespeare?s own Globe Theatre in London. Lings will speak in November during Islam Awareness Week, which will also feature other Muslim speakers, while Islamic scenes are projected on the Globe?s outside walls. ?On the final weekend,? says The Guardian, ?a souk will take over the premises, with stalls selling eastern wares.?

Methinks this has less to do with real scholarship and more with a pathetic desire to appease England’s growing Islamic population.

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