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Democrat election lawyers:

Democrats in Florida already are pursuing nine election-related lawsuits, accusing state election officials of conspiring to disenfranchise minority voters.
Led by the Florida Democratic Party, the People for the American Way, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the AFL-CIO, the lawsuits target, among others, Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood, who was appointed by Republican Gov. Jeb Bush, President Bush’s brother.
The suits say Republican officials refused to count provisional ballots, improperly disqualified incomplete voter registrations, established overly restrictive rules to disproportionately hurt minority voters and actively sought to disenfranchise blacks.
Matt Miller, a spokesman for the Kerry campaign, said Republicans are ‘trying to scare people away from the polls.’

We are so flipping sick of hearing this. I don’t mean Republicans, since I no longer consider myself one; I mean average Middle Americans.

The whole thing is a farce. The accusations of disenfranchisement are a lie, based on a report from a biased, partisan committee:

In 2001, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights said after a three-month investigation that the Florida presidential election was rife with “injustice” and “ineptitude” that resulted in the disenfranchisement of black voters.

But two members of the eight-member panel, Abigail Thernstrom, a Republican, and Russell G. Redenbaugh, an independent, disputed the findings in a 50-page dissent, saying commission investigators used flawed data to justify a “preconceived, partisan belief” the election was marred by discrimination and disfranchisement of minority voters.

Mrs. Thernstrom said at the time that a more rigorous statistical analysis showed that race was unrelated to the rate of ballot spoilage and that no evidence supported accusations of disfranchisement or discrimination of minorities. She said the Florida election was “hampered only by problems that were neither motivated by racial discrimination nor served to disfranchise minority voters.”

During hearings in Tallahassee, Fla., the commission called three black voters to substantiate what the panel said was a “conspiracy” to block minority voters from polling places, but none of three could show that they had been denied their right to vote. No other witnesses were called.

John Nelson, the Rev. Willie D. Whiting and Roberta Tucker, all of Tallahassee, testified under oath that they had concerns and had read about problems concerning voter irregularities, but all of them voted at their polling precincts.

Mr. Nelson said he saw unmanned police cars near different polling places on Election Day and thought that was “unusual.” Mrs. Tucker said she was detained at a routine police driver’s license checkpoint that had been functioning for weeks before the election, but was waved on after producing her valid license. Mr. Whiting said his name had been purged by mistake from the voting rolls when he had inaccurately been identified as a felon, but was allowed to vote after a call to an election supervisor.

Three witnesses, none of whom were denied the right to vote. On the basis of their hearsay testimony, the Democratic Party has lined up 10,000 lawyers and six legal “SWAT squads” for Election Day.

We may not know who our next president is until March.

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