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Saddam Linked to al-Qaeda–Surprised?

Thanks to David of A Physicist’s Perspective for spotting this. WORLD Magazine recently asked several Middle East experts to examine documents retrieved from Saddam Hussein’s intelligence service:

Walid Phares thumbed a sheaf of documents, all in Arabic and nearly all bearing the spherical slogan of Iraq’s intelligence service, or Mukhabarat. The Middle East scholar, a Lebanese-American Christian who speaks four languages and is a recognized expert on Islamic militants and terrorism, has interrupted a sick day (prior engagement with a root canal) in order to evaluate 42 just-leaked intelligence documents confiscated by U.S. forces in Iraq. …

The papers, obtained by Cybercast News Service (CNS) and released Oct. 4, “establish irreversible evidence that there were strategic relations between the Baathist regime and Islamist groups that became al-Qaeda,” Mr. Phares said after reviewing them at WORLD’s request on Oct. 6. In addition, the documents link al-Zarqawi-associated groups throughout the Middle East, including al-Qaeda, on Saddam’s payroll and acting under his direct authority.

Let’s see. October 6 was nearly three weeks ago; I haven’t seen a single major news outlet report on this. Why not?

I mean, WORLD Magazine and CNS aren’t exactly CBS or ABC, but… (Note: That’s supposed to be sarcasm.)

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