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Ron Paul is on the Case

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has introduced a bill to block mandatory mental health screening of children, which has been recommended by the Bush administration. Called the “Let Parents Raise Their Kids Act of 2004”, the bill seeks to prohibit the use of federal funds for any mandatory mental health screening program.

Some of the points raised in Paul’s bill are chilling, and hint at the true agenda behind screening:

(6) Because of the subjectivity of psychiatric diagnosis, it is all too easy for a psychiatrist to label a person’s disagreement with the psychiatrist’s political beliefs a mental disorder.

(7) At least one federally-funded school violence prevention program has suggested that a child who shares his or her parent’s traditional values may be likely to instigate school violence. …

(10) A September 2004 Food and Drug Administration hearing found that more than two-thirds of studies of antidepressants given to depressed children showed that they were no more effective than placebo, or sugar pills, and that only the positive trials were published by the pharmaceutical industry. …

(11) The Food and Drug Administration finally acknowledged in September 2004, that the newer antidepressants are related to suicidal thoughts and actions in children and that this data was hidden for years. The Food and Drug Administration had over 2000 reports of completed suicides from 1987 to 1995 for the drug Prozac alone, which by the agency’s own calculations represent but a fraction of the suicides.

Call your representative and get him or her behind H.R. 5236. Your kids are counting on you.

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