The Flu Shot Crisis is Bogus

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams:

Don’t panic.

That’s the advice Iowa state epidemiologist Patricia Quinlisk is offering two days after fall flu vaccinations were thrown for a loop following news that half the nation’s supply of vaccine would not be available due to quality control problems at a British manufacturing company.

Though the number of doses that will be available was cut in half, from 100 million to just about 55 million, Quinlisk said that should be adequate.

She offered no guarantees, though.

‘We should have plenty,’ Quinlisk said, noting that in a year without any restrictions on eligibility, only 35 million to 40 million people nationwide obtain a flu shot in 2003.

The unknown X factor, according to Quinlisk, “is how many more people will come in because of the publicity.”

Exactly the point.

To put it bluntly, the Centers for Disease Control are in the business of selling vaccines. Scaring people into getting shots is marketing, pure and simple.

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