Twisted Logic

A bearded fellow was out canvassing our neighborhood last night for the Democratic candidate for state senator. He offered me a flyer, which focused on the candidate’s support for state-funded reproductive services. I accepted it, thanked him, and politely (I hope) informed him that I would review it, but wasn’t likely to agree with her position.

He courteously thanked me for taking the flyer and bid me good night.

The flyer informed me that the Republican candidate voted to cut off state funds for reproductive services. It then suggested that without state-funded reproductive services for low-income women, there would be more abortions.

Small print at the bottom of the flyer disclosed that it was paid for by Planned Parenthood of Missouri. Planned Parenthood operates abortion clinics which brought in about $288 million during the ’02-’03 fiscal year, about a third of its total revenue.

Does it make sense to you that Planned Parenthood would be promoting candidates for political office who would reduce the number of abortions?

Me, neither. I hope my neighbors saw through this, too.

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