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Tolerance and Diversity: A Case Study

I’m a couple of days late in commenting on this, but it’s too good to let slip by:

The board of the national Log Cabin Republicans, displeased with Bush’s support for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, voted 22-2 last month to withhold its endorsement in the presidential race.

But the head of the Palm Beach County chapter, Maurice Bonamigo, is a vocal Bush supporter who said he and his 17 club members would continue to back the president.

So the national group yanked the local group’s charter.

“Chapters are not empowered to make decisions on endorsements. As a result, there no longer is a Palm Beach chapter. We look forward to organizing a Palm Beach chapter in the near future,” national Log Cabin Republicans Political Director Chris Barron said.

“I’m a Republican. I’m getting kicked out of a Republican organization because I supported and endorsed a Republican president?” an incredulous Bonamigo said last week.

So we see, ladies and gentlemen, that “tolerance” and “diversity” are only valued in certain quarters as long as you agree with everything they say.

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