The GOP’s Secret Weapon

Ready? It’s the Scots-Irish. So says former Secretary of the Navy James Webb:

[F]ew key Democrats seem even to know that the Scots-Irish exist, as this culture is so adamantly individualistic that it will never overtly form into one of the many interest groups that dominate Democratic Party politics. Indeed, it can be fairly said that Al Gore lost in 2000 because the Democrats ignored this reality and the Scots-Irish enclaves of West Virginia and Tennessee turned against him.

This is because, Webb says, the Democratic Party has turned against the key issues that rally the Scots-Irish every four years: God, guns, the flag, opposition to abortion, and success in war.

A study of American history, which Webb seems to have made, reveals that the Scots-Irish established the dominant subcultures of the South and most of the Midwest. They aren’t refined; they aren’t trendy; more often than not, they won’t be shown in a positive light on network TV.

But they’ve been in America a long time, nearly 300 years. There are 30 million of them. And they hold the key to the White House in 2004.

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