Sleep Well…

Russia’s crack security forces were able to outwit a group of homeless black market nuke dealers:

RUSSIAN security forces have seized two containers full of highly radioactive uranium-238 after a group of homeless people tried to sell them to a scrap dealer. The containers were found at a waste dump in the central Russian town of Saratov, which lies on the River Volga.

Radiation levels at the dump were 358 times higher than normal, officials said.

Thank goodness the homeless gang was stopped in time. The danger now is that they’ll grow into a gang of amazing colossal fifty-foot homeless people that can only be stopped by awakening Godzilla from its underwater slumber.

Meanwhile, a truck carrying radioactive materials was seized on Tuesday at the far eastern port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the Ria-Novosti news agency reported.

And several lead containers holding uranium, plutonium and strontium were last week found on a train on its way from Moscow to the southern town of Mineralniye Vody, not far from Chechnya.

Plutonium? Suddenly, tomorrow’s game between the Cards and Astros doesn’t seem as important as it did this afternoon.

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