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Cubs to Decide World Series Winner

Another exciting day for baseball fans. The Cardinals and Astros go at it downtown at Busch in a few minutes, and the Red Sox try to cap off the first playoff comeback from a 3-0 deficit tonight at Yankee Stadium.

Here, then, are my predictions for the final games of the 2004 baseball season, based on the nearly foolproof but not yet patented Ex-Cub Factor:

Since the Cardinals lead the Astros in ex-Cubs, 3-to-1 (Tony Womack, Julian Tavarez, and Ray King vs. Jose Vizcaino), the Astros are a shoo-in to win today, or possibly tomorrow behind Roger Clemens.

The Astros will advance to the World Series against the Red Sox, who have limited their Ex-Cub Factor to two (Bill Mueller and Mark Bellhorn). Tonight, the BoSox will beat the Yankees, who have scuttled their chances for another World Series win by saddling themselves with a huge Ex-Cub Factor of 5 (Miguel Cairo, Jon Lieber, Kenny Lofton, Flash Gordon, and Tanyon Sturtze).

The Astros, with a 1-to-2 ECF advantage, will go on to defeat the Red Sox in the World Series, keeping the Boston faithful mournfully waiting–with us Cub fans–for the mythical Next Year.

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