New Kerry Ad Blames Bush for Flu Vaccine Shortage

As if the president had anything to do with production problems at a factory in England.

Makes as much sense as blaming the president for the Cubs’ collapse at the end of the season that knocked them out of the playoffs.

I still think the flu vaccine crisis is an invention of the CDC to drum up business. In an average year, about 30% of Americans get flu shots. That number didn’t change much last year, even though the Fijian flu was hyped as the most dangerous thing since the Spanish version in 1918.

The tipoff that the CDC and Health & Human Services cared more about selling vaccine than protecting our health last year was the continued insistence that we get vaccinated, even though the supply of vaccine did not contain the strain making people the most sick, which made the flu shots useless.

Except to the stockholders of biotech companies that produce and distribute vaccine.

So this year, it’s a different tactic. Tell people there’s a shortage of vaccine, that they can’t have it, and they’ll beat down the clinic doors to get them.

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