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The Final Debate

Does the senator not see the contradiction in his own statements? “Faith without works is dead”; “I cannot force my faith choices onto someone else.” Sounds good until you realize that Senator Kerry believes that life begins at conception, but defends legal abortions anyway.

If he believes that each abortion claims a human life, and as a self-proclaimed Roman Catholic who presumably believes that we are created in the image of God, does Senator Kerry not have a moral imperative to do everything in his power to bring it to an end? If not, then on what basis does he claim to act on his faith?

Is it me, or did it strike you that Kerry’s reference to Dick Cheney’s daughter in his answer to the question on homosexuality was tacky at best?

Both men seem more relaxed and controlled tonight. To the credit of both, the tone was civil, and almost genuinely warm at the end of the debate as the men spoke of their wives and daughters.

While Senator Kerry, as usual, was smooth and in command, President Bush was clearly at his best tonight, especially on the issue of taxes.

The only downside for the president is that there are two baseball playoff games going on right now. I may be the only male in St. Louis not watching the Cardinals.

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