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American Royalty

I thought we got rid of this royal bloodline thing when we revolted:

London, Sept.23 (ANI): The impending elections in the US might turn out to be a contest between two cousins, if some genealogists are to be believed.

Genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts has revealed that President George Bush and his presidential rival John Kerry, are actually cousins.

According to The Sun, Roberts claims that the forefathers of Kerry and Bush hail from Wickford in Essex, and the link between them dates back to the 1600s in form of their common ancestor named Edmund Reade, who was reportedly a minor member of the town’s gentry.

Reade died in 1623,and his two daughters then, sailed to America, marrying into different powerful families who eventually produced the two candidates.

Roberts has calculated that Bush and Kerry are the ninth cousins twice removed.

Sarah Dickie of Essex Records Office has also found evidence of the Reades. “The facts do certainly look to add up,” the paper, quoted her as saying.

While some of Bush’s relatives can be traced to the historic voyage of the Mayflower in 1620,Roberts has also revealed that Senator Kerry’s paternal relatives were originally Jews from the former Austro-Hungarian empire and converted to Catholicism ,changed their name from Kohn to Kerry before emigrating to America in 1904.

Bush and Kerry are both Yale graduates, members of the super-secret Skull & Bones society, and related. The conspiracy thickens…

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