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John Kerry attended not one, but two church services yesterday, a Roman Catholic mass and a service at an African-American Baptist church “where the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tied his election to the civil rights struggle.”

“We have an unfinished march in this nation,” Kerry said at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, as many congregants waved fans handed out by the campaign with his slogan, “Hope is on the way.”

“Never again will a million African Americans be denied the right to exercise their vote in the United States of America,” Kerry promised, referring to the disputed Florida recount in the 2000 presidential race. As he often does before black audiences, Kerry said he has a legal team that will aggressively respond to any allegations of disenfranchisement.

Former Congresswoman Carrie Meeks described Kerry’s opponent without mentioning his name by saying “Kerry is ‘fighting against liars and demons. … He challenges the man who walks with a jaunty step.’ She rocked her hips in an imitation of Bush’s swagger as the congregation cheered and Kerry laughed from his high-backed seat behind the pulpit.” Referring to the president without using his name was done to avoid being accused of campaigning inside a church, something that might have jeopardized Friendship Missionary’s tax-exempt status.

Ri-ight. Do you believe for a second that if Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and former Congressman Bob Dornan had attended church with George W. Bush yesterday that the ACLU, Americans United, and the entire Democratic Party would be silent this morning about the “wall of separation” between church and state?

What really chafed me was Kerry’s preaching on the book of James, accusing the president and his supporters of “faith without works”, which is no faith at all. This from a man who concedes that life begins at conception but defends abortion rights anyway.

If every abortion takes a human life (known in legal terminology as “murder”), on what basis does John Kerry not oppose it?

Then Kerry warned that “wolves in sheep’s clothing” have conspired to turn black religious leaders against him by focusing on his support for abortion rights and civil unions for homosexuals.

In other words, John Kerry called on blacks to act in opposition to God’s word–to separate their works from their faith–in order to help him defeat a man whose faith is without works.


I am flat stunned. If I were a member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, I’d have walked out on the senator and shaken the dust of that church from my shoes as I left.

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