Kerry Disses Coalition in Iraq

This line slipped by my ears during the debate Thursday night, but not my wife’s. John Kerry, in downplaying the roles of the other members of the coalition in Iraq, sniffed “that were Missouri independent, it would be the third largest troop contributor to the coalition in Iraq.”

Uh huh. So the contributions of the nations that have committed their young men and women to this endeavor somehow don’t count?

To the nations of the coalition, and to our Australian allies especially, who have supported America more firmly and consistently than John Kerry, I apologize. I am sorry that our nation has inexplicably elevated this man to within reach of the Oval Office.

And to Mr. Kerry’s supporters: I can understand your disagreements with the policies of the president and the Republican Party. I even share some of them, especially on the growth of non-military spending (oh, I forgot–Democrats don’t support smaller government) and the refusal to close off our southern border (oop, that’s right, Democrats don’t support that, either).

Forget it. Democrats, what in Holy Ned made you decide that John Kerry was the best you had to offer? Why didn’t you give America somebody we could rally behind instead of a snobbish, lying chameleon whose only discernible position on anything is that he’s not George Bush?

Regardless of what you think of the president, John Kerry is the worst candidate the Democrats have put up for president in over 30 years.

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