China Losing Patience With North Korea

The Chinese are massing troops on their border with North Korea:

HONG KONG: China has deployed up to 150,000 troops on its border with North Korea to deter Pyongyang’s nuclear build-up and to stifle mounting violence from rogue North Korean soldiers, a report here said Sunday.

Hong Kong’s Sunday Morning Post cited an unidentified security source in China as saying five divisions of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops had been deployed in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, bordering North Korea, since last month.

Large troop movements and new military barracks have also been seen in the border towns of Hanchun, Tumen, Kaishan, Sanhe and Baijing, while air force jets have frequently been seen flying over the capital Yanji, some 40 kilometres from the border, the report said. …

The Sunday Morning Post said that while the mobilisation of PLA troops was seen as a strategic move, residents of Yanbian prefecture also believed they were there to halt a growing number of violent crimes allegedly carried out by North Korean soldiers.

Yanbian police said the violence began two years ago after Beijing launched a campaign to repatriate illegal North Koreans in the country, according to the report.

Atrocities allegedly involving North Korean soldiers include the murder of three ethnic Korean villagers in June last year and an incident on January 23 when a North Korean opened fire on Banshi village residents with an assault rifle before fleeing across the border, the report said. — AFP

Maybe the president’s plan of working with North Korea’s neighbors really is working.

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