Who’s Really Responsible For Terror in Iraq?

Wretchard at Belmont Club makes a perceptive observation on the real cause of yesterday’s bomb attack that killed 35 children in Iraq:

Americans were guilty of the crime of handing out candy to kids at the opening ceremony. The Associated Press headline is Rebel bombing kills 35 Iraqi kids; attracted by U.S. troops handing out candy

“The Americans called us, they told us, ‘Come here, come here,’ asking us if we wanted sweets,” said 12-year-old Abdel Rahman Dawoud, lying naked in a hospital bed with shrapnel embedded all over his body. “We went beside them, then a car exploded.”

Hence the casual reader may be forgiven for subconsciously assuming that Americans were substantively guilty for the carnage itself. After all, if Americans weren’t in Iraq, if they weren’t on the planet, none of this would have happened.

But there is another possibility. A New York Times article quoting a private security group’s data shows that 41% of all terror attacks in Iraq take place in 0.17% of the country — a thousand attacks concentrated in 734 square kilometers of Baghdad — attacks which have almost no military value — only a propaganda one. It is imperative from the terrorist point of view that their depredations take place, not in the unwitnessed wastes of the Western desert, but before a global audience.

The Associated Press may have been right about the candy and wrong about the candyman.

If a bomb falls in the desert and no reporters are there to hear it, does it make a noise?

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