Al Jazeera Boosts Beheadings

And we thought CBS News was biased:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sep. 28 (UPI) — Imagine a television talk show where the hosts debate the merits and demerits of cannibalism, discussing whether it is good to kill people to eat their flesh, liver and hearts — seriously, on the air on prime time.

This past Tuesday, Feyssal Al Qassem, the infamous anchorman of Al Jazeera’s program ‘Counter Direction,’ or ‘Alti jah Al Muaakess,’ went well beyond.

Al Qassem hosted an Egyptian guest who over an entire hour was allowed to advocate, with sickening insistence, the beheading of hostages in Iraq as a legitimate act of resistance to what he called ‘these American dogs,’ regardless of whether the captives — who are of many different nationalities — are military personnel, civilians, aid workers, or spies.

They are all mercenaries, the Egyptian man screamed, as Al Qassem of the Al Jazeera network cheered him on. Truly, he who has no shame is not afraid. Arabism and Islam have nothing to do with such people.

Where does Al Jazeera, and Al Qassem, think they are taking their Arabic-speaking viewers, the young before the old, when they put on a talk show tantamount to issuing a fatwa, or edict, for murder in the name of Islam and God or Arab Nationalism?

Right where they want them–hating the West, instead of turning discontent over their living conditions on their corrupt rulers.

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