“That Politician Stole My Penis”

Things like that happen in Africa:

A mob in northeast Nigeria has beaten a government official to death after he was accused of causing a man’s penis to disappear, police said on Wednesday. Jibril Na-Allah, a local council official from northern Kano State, died on Monday from his injuries in a hospital in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, a police spokesman said.

Na-Allah had travelled to Maiduguri to attend a two-day workshop, and was asking for directions to a restaurant when he was attacked along with his three companions. As they were talking, one of the mob suddenly claimed to have lost his penis and accused Na-Allah and his companions of being responsible ? providing an excuse to attack the men, police said.

The three others managed to flee the scene but Na-Allah was overpowered and severely beaten.

Politicians. That’s why I’m not watching the debate.

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