The Cubs are trying to break my heart again. All season they’ve played in fits and starts. Win a few, lose a few. Get hot; get injured. They’ve missed more key players for longer stretches of time than any Cubs team in recent memory. Mark Prior, Sammy Sosa, Kerry Wood, and closer Joe Borowski (who is still on IR) have all missed at least a month of games at a time.

Sosa is still struggling to get untracked at the plate, although he’s shown flashes of great defense lately. Prior and Wood haven’t been consistent as they try to recover from Achilles heel and shoulder trouble.

And still they’ve hung in. They have as much raw talent as any team in the National League, but they’ve made too many mistakes running the bases and in the field for a team with so many veterans.

We’re down to the final five games of the season, and the two games they gave away to the Mets over the weekend may be too much to overcome. The Cubs are tied with the Giants for the wild card. The Astros are only a half game behind. The Cubs need to take care of business against the Reds today and tomorrow, because they finish with three games against Atlanta while the Giants and Dodgers play in Los Angeles and the Astros get the Rockies at home.

It’s going to be interesting.

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