I Don’t Think This is a Good Sign

Residents in Baghdad have gotten rid of the flood of pornography that washed over the city after Saddam was kicked out:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – In an outdoor food market under the fierce midday sun, a crowd of men and boys were watching video footage of a truck bomber seated behind the steering wheel, smiling and murmuring his last words before crashing into U.S. military vehicles on an overpass.

Elsewhere, the TV set in a coffee shop was offering customers the video of foreign hostages being beheaded.

In a city battered and traumatized by 17 months of violence that seems to grow worse by the day, real-life horror has become the viewing fare of choice, supplanting the explosion of pornography that filled the post-Saddam Hussein vacuum.

“Here’s your latte, sir. Which beheading would you like with that–the American, the Brit, or the Korean?”

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