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House Votes to Protect Pledge From Courts

I agree in principle, but I think Congress has more important things to worry about:

The bill, approved on a 247-173 vote Thursday, would prevent federal courts, including the Supreme Court, from ruling on whether the words “under God” should be stricken from the pledge.

The legislation drew strong protests from Democrats who said they want “under God” to remain but viewed the measure as an unconstitutional attack on the judicial branch. They said it was meant mainly to force them into a controversial vote just six weeks before the election.

The bill has virtually no chance of clearing the Senate this year, but the issue was important to conservatives intent on getting lawmakers on the record on topical social issues such as gay marriage and flag burning.

As much as it–ergh!–pains me to–aagh!–admit this, I have to agree with congressional Democrats on this one: The bill, which was sponsored by my representive, Todd Akin, is little more than election-year grandstanding.

While I believe our nation should acknowledge the supremacy of God, and not just in the Pledge of Allegiance, I think Congress needs to address the imbalance in the constitutional separation of powers in government by tackling a few other issues–like the practice of presidents since Harry S Truman to send troops to fight without a formal declaration of war, a power the Constitution expressly reserves for Congress.

We’ve been moving closer to becoming a constitutional monarchy since Lincoln. The president was never supposed to be a king by a different name.

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