Sugar Cloud at Center of Galaxy

Mmmm, glycolaldehyde…*drool*

ASTRONOMERS have found a cloud of frozen sugar near the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way, it was revealed yesterday.

Spectrographic analysis revealed a creamy nougat filling.

Seriously, the excitement for scientists is that glycolaldehyde, a two-carbon sugar, “can react with a three-carbon sugar to produce the five-carbon sugar ribose – the molecule which forms the backbone of DNA.”

This means, some believe, that the building blocks of life came from interstellar clouds. Prevailing theory is that these clouds provide the raw material from which new stars and planets are formed.

Of course, the great heat caused by gravitational attraction would probably destroy any prebiotic molecules such as glycolaldehyde.

Or possibly create planets with chewy caramel centers.

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