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Connecting the Dots

I missed this story when it first hit the news wires:

The Nigerian navy has launched an investigation into the disappearance of a seized Russian oil tanker which was accused of smuggling stolen crude oil from the west African country, a spokesman said Sept. 1.

The MT African Pride was seized in October last year by the Nigerian navy along with 13 Russian sailors.

The crew is on trial accused of attempting to smuggle 11,300 tons of crude oil worth 345 million naira (2.6 million dollars/two million euros) from waters off the coast of Warri at the heart of the oil-rich but troubled Niger Delta.

The vessel was brought to Lagos in January and was placed under the custody of security agents, including the navy and police pending the trial, but later disappeared.

This is an important item. Not so we can prevent oil smuggling, but so we can prevent this:

Six people are missing after an oil tanker exploded on a Russian river near the Arctic.

The tanker was believed to be carrying 600 to 800 tonnes of petrol and 180 tonnes of oil. Six people were taken to hospital, four of them in a serious condition.

It was unclear what had triggered the blast, which happened while the tanker was being unloaded near a village in the republic of Yakutiya. Initial reports suggested the explosion was in the engine room of the tanker.

Emergency service officials say local residents were evacuated from nearby villages because of the possibility of a further explosion from the burning tanker.

This is about a week after The Telegraph ran a story about a warning by U.S. intelligence that al Qaeda cells in Indonesia planned to hijack an oil tanker to use as a floating bomb.

It may be they’ve already got one.

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