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The Big Question for CBS

The Big Trunk outlines the affair of the forged CBS documents at Power Line, and then he summarizes:

Drawing the reasonable inferences implicit in these circumstances, the serious question that must be asked at this point is what happens when a media monolith acts as a front for Democratic operatives peddling forgeries calculated to smear a Republican president and presidential candidate?

Sadly, my gut feeling is nothing at all.

Certainly, the exposure of the fraud doesn’t help the Kerry campaign, which is why some Democratic spin doctors are hinting that this whole affair was really a brilliant deception by Republicans to discredit their candidate. Right.

Kerry’s campaign was floundering. The CBS story appears to have been a desperate play by Democrats to stop the bleeding and turn the focus of the debate away from the questions about Kerry’s unusually short term of service in Vietnam, the inconsistencies on his medal citations, and the accusations he made against his fellow Vietnam vets when he returned to the U.S. To that end, the plan succeeded, but the backlash may sink Kerry–and drag Dan Rather’s reputation down with him.

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