Is Christianity Partly Responsible for Terror in Israel?

Bob Wallace at the Blog seems to think so:

The book in the article–“The Evolution of Cooperation” by Robert Axelrod–is one of those seminal books that should be read by anyone interested in the subject of coorperation. The author asks, then answers, the question, “When (under what conditions) does it pay [to] cooperate?”

I won’t go into the book much since it is the subject of a long article. I will point out one thing: one of his important findings is that if one knows that a game will end (that is if one can foresee the game ending, even if it is many moves from now) it pays to stop cooperating immediately.

The author’s view can be applied to those who think they know how the game will end, even if they are completely wrong. As an example, the Armageddonites think they know how the game will end, so there is no reason for them to cooperate in the Palestinian problem. Support Israel, Jesus will return, and the game ends.

Armageddonites? That’s a new one.

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