Hating America

An interesting column from Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek International, on the world’s favorite pastime–and why it’s dangerous:

In this post-ideological age, anti-Americanism fills the void left by defunct belief systems. It has become a powerful trend in international politics today?and perhaps the most dangerous. U.S. hegemony has its problems, but a world that reacts instinctively against the United States will be less peaceful, less cooperative, less prosperous, less open, and less stable.

The wave of anti-Americanism is, of course, partly a product of the current Bush administration?s policies and, as important, its style. … But the very depth and breadth of this phenomenon suggest that it is bigger than Bush. The term ?hyperpower,? after all, was coined by the French foreign minister to describe Bill Clinton?s America, not George W. Bush?s. …

The temptation to go its own way will be greatest for Europe, the only other player with the resources and tradition to play a global role. But if Europe defines its role as being different from the United States?kinder, gentler, whatever?will that really produce a more stable world? … Europe is too disunited to achieve its goals without the United States; it can only ensure that America?s plans don?t succeed. The result will be a world that muddles along, with the constant danger that unattended problems will flare up disastrously. Instead of win-win, it will be lose-lose?for Europe, for the United States, and for the world.

Worth reading in full.

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