Rather Rolls the Dice

Dan Rather bets his credibility on the questionable National Guard documents:

DAN RATHER, CBS NEWS ANCHOR: I know that this story is true. I believe that the witnesses and the documents are authentic. We wouldn’t have gone to air if they would not have been. There isn’t going to be — there’s no — what you’re saying apology?

QUESTION: Apology or any kind of retraction or…

RATHER: Not even discussed, nor should it be. I want to make clear to you, I want to make clear to you if I have not made clear to you, that this story is true, and that more important questions than how we got the story, which is where those who don’t like the story like to put the emphasis, the more important question is what are the answers to the questions raised in the story, which I just gave you earlier.

In other words, CBS is right, the right-wing media and bloggers are wrong, the daughter of Ben Barnes (the man Rather interviewed in the “60 Minutes II” piece) is wrong, the son of the late Lt. Col Killian is wrong, and we should all be good little zombies and swallow the story.

Maybe Dan missed the meeting, but Matt Drudge reports that CBS News has launched an internal investigation. “[I]f we are in error, it will be corrected,” said a CBS source. The documents CBS had posted to its website yesterday afternoon were gone by last night.

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