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A Terrorist By Any Other Name

The Russians are angry at the slant the Beslan school massacre is getting in the Western press:

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti commentator Arseny Oganesyan) – Russian Internet users have been outraged by foreign journalists coverage of the Beslan hostage crisis. The majority of Russian users, the elite of Russian society, regard the politically correct terms used in the Western media to describe the child-killers and terrorists as an insult to them and Russia.

Here is the list of euphemisms used in the foreign media, which was published on a Russian web site. The BBC referred to the terrorists as “attackers” and “radicals”, The New York Times as “captors” and “fighters”, Agence France-Presse called them “commandos”, The New York Post “guerrillas”, National Public Radio “gunmen”, the Myrtle Beach Sun News “insurgents”, the Associated Press “militants”, the Sydney Morning Herald “rebels” and the Daily Telegraph “separatists.”

What ever happened to “terrorist”? If a man who stabs an infant in the back 18 times doesn’t qualify, we should retire the word permanently.

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