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Bush Guard Documents Faked

Documents used by producers of the CBS News program “60 Minutes” to show that President Bush may not have fulfilled his obligation to the Texas Air National Guard appear to have been forgeries:

Three independent typography experts told they were suspicious of the documents from 1972 and 1973 because they were typed using a proportional font, not common at that time, and they used a superscript font feature found in today’s Microsoft Word program.

Thanks to the guys at Power Line, we can see the difference in Lt. Col. Killian’s signature between the documents shown on “60 Minutes” and documents known to be signed by Killian:

Killian’s authentic signature is on the left; the CBS document is on the right

Whoever signed the document CBS swallowed didn’t even try.

Of course, I’m sure CBS doesn’t intend to cast aspersions on the president’s character.

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