Boo Who?

Power Line (a blog I wish I’d discovered long ago) has the real story behind the bogus AP report that a Republican crowd in suburban Milwaukee booed the announcement that Bill Clinton had been hospitalized:

We have an inside source who was present at the rally and is familiar with the reporters involved. Our source tells us that Tom Hays, whose byline was on the false AP report, was not at the West Allis rally. He is not one of the AP reporters assigned to cover President Bush, and is believed to have been in New York at the time.

Our source says that the AP reporter behind the story was Scott Lindlaw. Lindlaw is one of the AP reporters who cover the Bush campaign. His anti-Bush prejudices are well-known; our source has heard him say that his “mission” is to see that Bush is not re-elected.

Reporter with an agenda files false story under the byline of a man who was nowhere near the event. Nice. The AP has dropped in my estimation to just one notch above Reuters as a semi-reliable news source.

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