Al Gore on the Faith of George W. Bush

From an article in The New Yorker:

“It?s a particular kind of religiosity,” he (Gore) said. “It?s the American version of the same fundamentalist impulse that we see in Saudi Arabia, in Kashmir, in religions around the world: Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Muslim. They all have certain features in common. In a world of disconcerting change, when large and complex forces threaten familiar and comfortable guideposts, the natural impulse is to grab hold of the tree trunk that seems to have the deepest roots and hold on for dear life and never question the possibility that it?s not going to be the source of your salvation. And the deepest roots are in philosophical and religious traditions that go way back. You don?t hear very much from them about the Sermon on the Mount, you don?t hear very much about the teachings of Jesus on giving to the poor, or the beatitudes. It?s the vengeance, the brimstone.

You know, every time I start to think that maybe under different circumstances, away from the political arena, Al Gore might be an all right guy, he comes out and says something incredibly stupid.

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