More on Mandatory Mental Health Screening

The problems:

  1. Parental rights are unclear or non-existent under these screening programs.
  2. Parents are already being coerced to put their children on psychiatric medications and some children are dying because of it.
  3. Mental health screening does not prevent suicide.
  4. Mental health diagnoses are “subjective” and “social constructions” as admitted by the authors of the diagnostic manuals themselves.
  5. Most psychiatric medications do not work in children.
  6. The side effects of these medications in children are severe.
  7. The untoward influence by the pharmaceutical industry, or at least the impropriety, is abundantly clear in two important aspects of this issue.
  8. Merging screening with the academic standards required by No Child Left Behind, as is happening in Illinois, will lead to diagnosis for political reasons.
  9. School mental health and violence prevention programs funded by NCLB and government counterterrorism operations are already using such criteria as “homophobia” and “defenders of the US Constitution against federal government and the UN” to label school children and US citizens as mentally unstable and violent.

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