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Oprah: Agent of Moral Insanity

Albert Mohler writes about last Tuesday’s Oprah Winfrey Show:

“This is going to be a very fascinating show, OK?” Oprah began. She then introduced her first young guest: “He is an 11-year-old child. He likes skateboarding and PlayStation. He listens to rap, studies hard, gets good grades and wears those trendy baggy pants. He was also born a girl.” …

According to a video broadcast on the program, Kayla was born a girl in 1992, but her mother reported that “Kayla never played with girls’ toys, never played with dolls. About two years of age on, Kayla was more into dirt and bikes . . . . she would pick out baggy pants, boxer underwear. She didn’t like girls’ underpants.”

At some point, Kayla saw an episode of the Oprah show and was prompted to declare that she was now a boy. She told her mother that she believed she was a boy born into a girl’s body. Her mother Angelina responded in a way that left Oprah nodding in approval. “My first reaction was basically blowing it off. A few days later, I said, ‘OK, let’s find out more about it’.”

As the show unfolded, the audience was told that Kayla, now “Kaden,” was facing struggles at school. Early puberty presented additional challenges, so Angelina put her 11-year-old daughter on Depo-Provera. Kaden told Oprah’s audience, “When I’m old enough to, I want to get testosterone and my surgery.”

At 11, Kayla/Kaden doesn’t know who she is or what she wants. Her parents are insane, and Oprah is irresponsible at best for encouraging parents to let their kids dictate on matters like this.

It’s like this: Boys and girls are different. Gender is not a simple matter of deciding who or what you want to be. And any parent who looks to Oprah Winfrey for moral and spiritual guidance needs to be whacked across the head with a board.

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