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The trial of Slobodan Milosevic, the deposed leader of Serbia, moved into an interesting phase yesterday when the three-judge war crimes tribunal imposed defense attorneys on Milosevic over his bitter objections.

It’s for his own good, of course; doctors appointed by the tribunal decided the strain of conducting his defense might be life-threatening to the 63-year-old Milosevic.

“I want the appeals chamber to consider this decision of yours, illegal, which violates international law , which violates every conceivable covenant on human rights,” Milosevic told the judges.

“At a moment when I am supposed to exercise my right to defend, you decided to deprive me of that right. That’s a scandal. You cannot deny me the right to defend myself,” he said, seated alone at the defendant’s table.

[Judge Patrick] Robinson cut off Milosevic’s microphone and said the judges had extensively considered their decision, which was final. …

Robinson said two court-assigned doctors who examined Milosevic concluded that he suffers “severe essential hypertension” and that continuing to represent himself could lead to “a potentially life threatening situation.”

They said that by allowing him to continue representing himself “there is a real danger that this trial might last an unreasonably long time,” Robinson said.

Translated, does this mean the tribunal has already reached a decision and doesn’t want to drag out the show longer than necessary? Is this an example of globalist “justice”?

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